The king of music "Mr. Fotka" has received a call for work in Bollywood.

Oct 10, 2022 - 23:05
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The king of music "Mr. Fotka" has received a call for work in Bollywood.

Mr. Fotka was born on 1st September 1999 in a noble family of Kolkata. His real name is Sadif Raihan but known as Mr. Fotka in his career, the man became known at a very young age as an outstanding musician and writer.

This star who is very popular in the country has now got a call to Bollywood. Rumors have been going on for the past few days but now he has confirmed that it is true.

Referring to being the first person from the country to get a call to Bollywood, he said, "I am happy and grateful to the people because of whom I have come this far."

Mr Fotka confirmed his Bollywood journey in a Facebook post last Friday.

He is scheduled to work for the popular Bollywood production house "Saregama India Limited".

Mr. Photka was discussed in several incidents before this.

He is also known as an excellent writer. He wrote about some popular books and many contemporary events.

Every year his name appears in the list of the best writers. He confirmed that a new book is going to come out this time too.

Mr Fokta began his journey in music at a very young age. Apart from collaborating with others, he also made his solo debut with the album "Relax". After gaining popularity in a few days, he brought more singles to the news market.

Mr. Fotka is also popular as a prolific writer and actively writes on social media on various national and international issues.

He is very popular among the young generation because of his wonderful writing.

When asked about the reason for his active status on social media, he said, "In this age of technology, we must keep pace with technology. Social media is a big part of technology today. You must keep pace with it. People around, country, society. , it is also a great means of knowing the state of the world."

At present, Mr. Fotka is an idol figure among the youth. And getting a call to work in Bollywood has added a new dimension to it.